In this video, I teach about how the subconscious mind gets in the way of people making the money they want to make, having the sexual fulfillment they desire and feeling more powerful in their lives. Many people hold themselves back from working on their sexuality and experiencing the joy, intimacy and pleasure that is theirs to have, because they doubt it could ever be different for them.

Here, I show you in a dynamic illustration exactly how your own mind prevents you from moving forward in you life and keeps you in the place of “it’s not possible for me.” I know that total fulfillment, happiness, and true abundance is possible for everyone, if we’d just get out of our own way.

If you’d like to join other women in overcoming your subconscious fears and obtaining the fulfilling sex life you really want, join us in San Diego from September 27-29 at the 2019 Fire Woman Retreat.

Amy Jo Goddard is a brilliant facilitator! In her weekend program ‘Facing The Damsel’ Amy Jo has created a safe space for women to explore not only our sexuality, but also ALL of our relationships. Participating in her fun and revealing exercises, I was able to gain insights into some of the ways I disempower myself, and left the workshop feeling excited and empowered to make some needed changes in my life!
-Joanne, Facing the Damsel participant 2013


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