Praise for Amy Jo & Woman On Fire

“She is the ultimate source for personal and intimate expansion.”

12_10_2015_06“I’m perpetually blown away by the intellect and insight that Amy Jo Goddard possesses, into all aspects of human sexuality. She is the ultimate source for personal and intimate expansion!” 
– Andrea Lowell, Host of the Playboy Morning Show

“Amy Jo Goddard is as smart and sweet as she is sexy. Funny, witty, and seemingly all-knowing in anything to do with human sexuality, I never want her interviews to end! She’s easily one of my favorite guests.”
– Dan Cummins, Host of The Playboy Morning Show

“A torch for our vital empowerment…”

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.03.50 PM“We’ve defended, gone mute, shut down, given up and settled for far less and Amy Jo Goddard, expert educator in the field of sexuality, is out to change this. Finally a framework that broadens our horizons by redefining our own relationship to sexuality to encompass how we think, feel, interact, heal, walk on this earth, live in our body and orgasm. Her book Woman on Fire is a daring pathway through explicit barriers, including culturally, giving us permission to be freed up on our own terms while respecting our individual boundaries as well.

Working with women’s empowerment for over three decades myself, Amy Jo’s fine-tuned wisdom has the ability to not only change lives but the world because the suppression of our sexual power was intentional. Take back what is yours to own (even with play) and chains of internal oppression break away. Woman on Fire is a torch for our vital empowerment inviting us not to give up but to give way to our most precious desires. Yes!”

– ALisa Starkweather, founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement and Women in Power

AJBettyphotoshopped_small “My long-term friend and colleague Amy Jo Goddard offers powerful guidelines to expand women’s sex lives so we can become decisive orgasmic women who are able to state our pleasure and get what we want—from the bedroom to the boardroom.” -Betty Dodson, sexual pioneer, fine artist and author of Sex for One www.dodsonandross.com

DavidFun“Amy Jo Goddard knows that the lack of understanding, fear, shame and guilt around sex keep people from enjoying one of our greatest gifts and forms of expression. She leads you into the joy and power of your sexuality with her ground breaking Woman on Fire. This is must read for all people.” – David Neagle, author of The Millions Within www.davidneagle.com

“A compassionate, loving and tender guide…”

Woman on Fire is a compassionate, loving, and tender guide that will assist all women in owning and operating the life force that is our erotic energy and sexual intelligence.

-Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom www.drnorthrup.com/

“Amy Jo Goddard’s style of education takes an intimate and relatable approach.”

Amy Jo Goddard’s style of education takes an intimate and relatable approach. Our Stockroom University students experienced an interactive class that not only broke the ice but also encouraged the group to share while in Amy Jo’s safe space, allowing for personal insights and growth.”

– Hudsy Hawn, Head Mistress/Events & Education, The Stockroom

AJBettyphotoshopped_small “Amy Jo is an experienced sexuality coach who has lived with women through the rocky and rewarding terrain of exploring their sexual trauma and suppression and reclaiming their true sexual power and pleasure. As someone who has also been privileged to travel this terrain with women, I love Amy Jo’s easy way with ALL of who we are as women—never losing sight of how much our own sexual liberation will lead to our joy and success in life.” – Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, author of The Multi-Orgasmic Woman

“Amy Jo Goddard has made the study and practice of sexual empowerment her life’s work so she can be of service to everyone wounded by lack of support, knowledge, and access to desire and consent. Read Woman on Fire for the building blocks to your own wild, sex-positive, and empowered life.” – Dr. Carol Queen

What Women Are Saying

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 3.58.03 PM“The beautiful thing about working with Amy Jo is how she brings you to recognizing and owning your divine feminine essence, of which your sexuality is a part, and coming home to yourself. I have found her work to be much more about your inner world and how to release negative patterns and habits in order to create empowered and free relationships in your life…. with your work, with your spirit and with your sensuality and sexuality.”

– Suzanne, private coaching client

unnamed-271x300“Amy Jo is a skilled facilitator and I loved the rich experience that the weekend was. The deep quality of conversation and beautiful interaction with amazing, like-minded women was refreshing. To recognize that I am not alone in my struggles was a deep relief. There were tears and some deep work, and there was also a lot of fun and laughs! Amy Jo led the workshop in creative, interesting and unexpected ways that enabled me to look at some dark shadows in my life without collapsing into them or feeling shame around them but instead growing empowered to change and to shift patterns, habits and responses that are no longer working for me.”

– Bethany Kelly, Sex-Money-Power Weekend participant

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.17.28 PM

“Amy Jo’s work is so powerful…”

“Before I began this work I was isolated, lacking clarity and the application of power in sex and in life. I chose to do this work knowing that my history of sexual trauma made sexual decision-making confusing. I was making unsafe decisions and didn’t know how to be responsible and free. 

This program has shown me what real self care is. Having done this work, I am filled with clarity, confidence and most of all–a sense of inner peace in my sexuality and all areas of my life. Amy Jo’s work is so powerful, whatever you temporarily put aside to do it will be better served by a better you when you return.”

-Annika Michelle, Your Sexually Empowered Life 2015 program participant


“When we started working together, I was really at a loss about my own desire. I was in a huge frustrated place, especially in my marriage: I didn’t know where to turn. I was also really worried about the connection between sexuality and my business and money. Looking at my own behaviors was huge — I didn’t know how sick I was in my own lifestyle. I don’t think I was aware of how hard I was on myself, and how hard I was working to keep myself from getting what I wanted: I had cut myself off from good times in so many ways.

The sex and money connection has been huge for my business. I made a plan and then opportunities started arriving for sales; it’s kind of like magic! I’ve started seeing things opening up, and I feel myself becoming more of a leader. I love seeing how all of these things really do connect: personal life, business, sex, money and power. Amy Jo is a great listener and is really insightful; she really knows how to meet people where they are.

Going into this, my fear was whether I trusted myself. There were several things I hesitated about, but I’ve got them all. I started to see some things I desire sexually that I didn’t know about and new things I was able to describe. We played out one of the fantasies I mentioned–it was really fun, made us laugh a lot and we got the chance to show ourselves in a new way. This work has planted a seed for play, and pleasure, and desire for me that will unfold for a long time. I’m bringing it in and designing my life so I can have some play!”

Michelle Andersen, private coaching client


“You are a force, a change agent. A seriously beautiful person.”

“I felt your message about a year ago at Be the Change. Your words called me forth to step into my own sexual empowerment and take the risk of embracing my inner truth and my yoni’s calling by signing up for your sexual empowerment program. My life changed drastically…I broke code with that simple “sign-up“. With the support of the circle you created, I set off a truth bomb that has burned away much of what hasn’t served me in my life and my relationships.

As I stand in the ashes, I feel the richness of the earth beneath me, absorbing, renewing and recycling. I want to thank you for being my teacher and for helping me to find my inner teacher, for holding a space for women’s sexual empowerment and for helping me to find a space within me that cultivates sexual empowerment, and for continuing to honor your message, your movement and inspiring me to honor my own message, my movement. Sexual empowerment is now central to the work I do in the world and it’s part of my identity. Thank you for starting your movement. Thank you for sharing it with me and for inviting me to continue to support your work and your message. You are a force! A change agent! A seriously beautiful person!

Emily Volden, Your Sexually Empowered Life program participant

“This work helped me recognize the innate power inside of me…”

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.30.46 PM“Before this program I was afraid, ashamed and stuck in guilt from choosing to end my marriage. I felt sexually dead and knew I wanted to reconnect with myself and my sacred sexuality. I needed to let go of the shame and guilt and open up to love, bliss and my creative fire.

The most valuable parts of this program have been the ritual, sisterhood, healing, and transformation. I have grieved my old self and reclaimed my sacred sexuality, courage, passion and excitement to create the life and world I truly want to live in.” – Tania, Your sexually Empowered Life 2015 participant

jessgrippo“Before I began the work my life was in a state of flex, indecision and searching. It felt like the options of relationships and sex that were available to me were not what I really wanted, but I didn’t know how to find them. I chose to do this work because I knew on a deep level my sexuality was at the core of everything else in my life. This work has helped me to recognize the innate power inside of me, own my pleasure and body, and get out of a cycle of disempowering relationships.” – Jess, Your Sexually Empowered Life 2015 participant

“Amy Jo’s teachings have been invaluable.”

Mosa“Now that I have experienced Your Sexually Empowered Life Women’s Program, I am more trusting, confident, authentic, playful, joyful, powerful! Agency is a term that I have come to embrace and take a hold of. I feel the most in-touch with a deeper compass than I ever have, and it’s achieved through a tender balance of fighting for what you want and letting go of control.

Amy Jo has created an amazing container where this intangible task becomes possible and from it is born a deep connection to your world, your community, and most importantly: YOURSELF!” – Mae, Your Sexually Empowered Life participant, 2014

“Amy Jo is a highly skilled facilitator who brings a depth of knowledge about the subject matter. She understands that women’s sexuality is core to who we are and where so much of our power resides. I chose to work with her because I wanted to hold that power fully and have access to it, for my own empowerment and to infuse into my relationships. Every woman should gift herself the experience of holding communion with a group of very special women to awaken and heal their sexuality.  When I began this work I was disconnected from my sexual self… now, I am so much more attuned to my sexuality; I have reclaimed it and its importance in my life.”

– K., Your Sexually Empowered Life 2015 program participant

“Amy Jo is a great facilitator and educator.”

Before I began this work I was in such a deep, dark hole when it came to sex. It hadn’t always been that way but I couldn’Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.05.51 PMt understand how I got there and I had no idea how to dig myself out. Just the mention or thought of sex would send me into a downward spiral of anxiety, guilt, shame and hopelessness. Amy Jo’s teachings have been invaluable, along with the community of women who I could talk to and learn from. This work has liberated me from the huge weight that had been stifling my sexuality for years. I now have the language to talk about what’s going on and the tools and confidence to grow!” – Michelle, Your Sexually Empowered Life 2014 participant

“When I first began working with Amy Jo I was still healing wounds from an abusive relationship. I knew that I needed assistance, in order to get through the layers of shame, guilt, anger and pain that still remained, but I also needed the coach I was working with to speak to my spiritual self as well.  Amy Jo holds a sacred and safe space for her clients where she allows room for you to find your way through her support, encouragement and motivation. The work I have done with her has changed my life and allows me to keep delving deeper and at the same time nurture myself through this remarkable healing process. Along the way I have opened up to and received so many more blessings in my life, more than I ever could have imagined.” – Andrea, private client