A Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Memorial & Movement Gathering

October 1 / Thursday / 4:30PM PT 7:30PM ET
This week we lost a legend. A trailblazer. A torchbearer for freedom. RBG fought for gender equality and civil rights her entire career and her death is a grave wake up call to us. We get to be sad and we get to stay in committed action about what we get to do next.

Join us for a memorial of RBG as we honor her life and legacy, and roll up our sleeves to determine what is next and how we can best use our energy. We get to keep fighting for justice, just as she would have, and just like she taught us to.

Hosted by A’magine Nation, this is a collective co-creation. Please come contribute, listen, learn, share and let’s stay committed to our vision of a just world for all.

Bring resources and action steps to share. We get to act as if our lives depend on it, because they do.

Register to join us. (And please do spread the word!)

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