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No organization is free of challenges around sex, gender, power and leadership, whether it’s gender imbalances, sexual harassment, or unconscious sexual bias. The workplace is a microcosm of the greater world, and people are in a lot of confusion and pain around sexuality.

They bring that pain to work and it plays out.

Most of them have nowhere to process it.

Most HR departments are not equipped to help.

Sexual energy is creative energy so when you are not addressing the drains around sex, power and gender in your workplace, focus wanes and productivity diminishes. But because no one is talking about this or naming it, it continues without interventions.

In our work with executives, we’ve seen the tangible benefits in their professional lives, including:

  • a rise in self-worth that created healthier workplace dynamics
  • better boundaries and self-advocacy
  • clearer, more confident communication in the workplace
  • less work-related stress, anxiety, procrastination and burnout
  • increased vibrancy, energy, power and joy in all areas of life

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Custom Presentations and Workshops:

KEYNOTES & WORKSHOPS: Amy Jo can provide her signature speech to your employees, executives or special interest groups on “Sex, Power and Leadership” using her Core Energy Model of Sexuality & Power. We can also provide 3-hour workshops and trainings around this topic.

SEX, POWER & LEADERSHIP ROUNDTABLES: Our team can convene a series of roundtables with your core senior leadership, and with the women in your company to get a clear picture of what is not being said or addressed around sex, power and leadership and create an action plan to address the unconscious sexual bias in your workplace. This is especially beneficial for larger corporations.

UNCONSCIOUS SEXUAL BIAS TRAININGS: Our team will provide in-depth training to identify and eliminate unconscious sexual bias. Trainings are offered as a half day, full day or as a series.

EXECUTIVE COACHING & GROUP PROGRAMS: Amy Jo and our team of high-level coaches will coach your senior leaders one-to-one or in small groups depending on what the situation calls for. We can support the women in your company who are up for promotion and partner, and those in those already in executive positions who need support. If you want to support your male leadership in navigating this more skillfully we have coaches who can also work with them on skills for establishing healthy boundaries without shutting women out of opportunities, how to navigate workplace relationships and manage personal sexual energy.

What Makes This Different

This is not another typical sexual harassment training that allows you to meet minimum standards for prevention efforts. This is an opportunity to be on the leading edge of a different level of conversation about the intersections of sex, gender, power and leadership. 

The smartest, savviest, high performing companies of the future recognize sexual harassment and gender discrimination as a fact, and are willing to proactively address it. The leading companies of the future are actually dealing with this because they know it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when.”  

If you believe that “Our most valuable resource is our people,” then the key to your success is creating a thriving environment for your people and the way they relate to each other. If you believe your people are the reason you will be successful then you must stop pretending they don’t exist in the world they exist in. The whole person at work includes sexuality and if we keep pretending our work environments are sexually neutral, we will continue to fail to address the problem.

Who We Are

I’m Amy Jo Goddard and I have been teaching sexuality empowerment and healthy sexuality for nearly 25 years. With a Master’s degree in Human Sexuality Education from New York University, I have worked in nearly every context with sexuality from schools and colleges, to recovery programs, to LGBTQ communities, to summer camps and couples programs. 

My sexual empowerment work with women has been focused on helping them to defragment themselves, reclaim their bodies, learn to set healthy boundaries, ask for what they want and own their own power. When a woman steps into her full power and knows what that means, everything in her life changes.

Men tend to need something a little different. They need the same permission to explore and develop their sexual selves, and they need skills. Men tend to be unskilled in managing sexual energy, boundaries and healthy communication about desire because they have been taught in our culture that they are entitled to have their desires met. This produces a real conflict when we enter the workplace because they are bringing these deficits to gender dynamics at work to the detriment of women and, ultimately, as we are currently seeing, to themselves.  

I work with a team of trainers and executive coaches who are highly trained and who can address these issues with a sensitive, non-judgmental approach that effectively changes workplace dynamics for the better.