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Online Teaching
& Leadership

with women’s empowerment expert
& 10-year online educator Amy Jo Goddard


Online Teaching
& Leadership

with women’s empowerment expert & 10-year online educator Amy Jo Goddard

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Zoe Nesin, Women In Transition

“Your webinar was one of the most useful ones I’ve attended lately. So much great content in 2 hours! I’ve taken about 8 webinars about creating webinars in the last month and yours was the most valuable. Thanks!”

Joan Price, Ageless Sexuality Author & Speaker

“I had given some online classes (webinars) already, so I didn’t consider myself a novice, but I knew my webinars had issues that I didn’t know how to solve. I came into Amy Jo’s workshop hoping for a few tips I could use and went away with three pages of notes. Thank you, Amy Jo.”

Amy Chan, Author, Breakup Bootcamp

“…helpful on providing information on how to launch an online event… tips provided were things I would have never thought about. If you’re scared to take your event online, this webinar will give you the step by step so that launching isn’t so overwhelming. And if you’re already familiar with online events, the webinar will provide insight on how to make it more impactful and effective.”

Nicole Libschik, Holistic Hands

“I loved the workshop, Amy Jo. I appreciate your years of experience teaching, it really shows. Also, you are organized and informative with the content while sharing from your authentic and charismatic self. You keep it relational, conversational, and engaging. You’re a joy.”

Like many people, you may have suddenly been forced to take your usual work “remote.” Or you may be pivoting your work to build an online business, like many other entrepreneurs. Or you might be a school teacher who has suddenly been tasked with completely shifting your entire curriculum to online learning.

Teaching, holding meetings, and facilitating groups online is now the name of the day.

If you don’t learn how to do this well, you’ll be washed away by the competition.

If you are not effective online you won’t be able to bring people in and retain them.

Please don’t be that person that thinks there is nothing to this online thing…you just show up and boom! Magic!


Online teaching is a skill just as teaching live and in person is a skill.

The good news? Skills can be learned.

And we all get to learn real fast right now as pivots are happening and everyone is vying for business in an increasingly competitive online world.

Hi, I’m Amy Jo Goddard, author, women’s empowerment educator & speaker.

My first business was a training and curricula development business–I am a total curriculum geek. I taught college and grad students for 15 years in New York, and in my second business, I have been teaching people all over the world through technology for a decade.

In the early days, we called them “teleclasses!”

Then they became online classes, webinars, and masterclasses.

I have hosted women’s circles, team meetings, rituals, workshops, online conferences and day-long retreats ONLINE for years.

That experience, and my use of many different platforms gave me a real-world education in how to do this well. I honed it and developed a huge library of online courses and programs.

Coupled with my NYU Master’s Degree in Education and applying experiential learning, educational pedagogy and feminist teaching principles to my work has made me incredibly effective at what I do. I am known for creating intimacy in my online groups and safe places for people to open up.

Amy Jo has been featured in:

Join me for a 2-hour Masterclass on how to be an effective leader and teacher online, and I’ll help you discover how to:
  • Compete with the flood of online teachers by being great and avoiding the most common mistakes
  • Set the tone for the class so you meet your students’ expectations and they don’t leave the class
  • Create a perfect set-up (sound, camera, background, lighting, etc.)  so you can be fully present and exude professionalism 
  • Use the Zoom features you want to maximize to keep your participants engaged and keep your meeting flowing naturally
  • Create connection and intimacy so that you create powerful community online and help people grow in meaningful ways
  • Inspire your team members or your students to do their best work
  • Develop tips and tools to make what would be an amateur class look totally rockstar
  • Based on what we know about how adults learn, ensure your students will absorb your content through experiential learning, frameworks and visuals, and feminist teaching principles (oh yes)
  • Adapt live curricula to online curricula
  • Use technology best practices to your full advantage in our rapidly changing world
  • Break through the mental barriers you have about transitioning to online teaching (you can do it!) 

“Amy Jo Goddard’s enthusiasm and warmth are infectious. I hosted two workshops with Amy Jo, and both were great successes because of the eclectic crowd that she drew and the conversations that emerged. She can convince anyone to speak openly about challenging issues. Given her ability to put people at ease, the honesty and depth that emerges in her workshops is extraordinary. She tackled hard issues with grace and humor, and I knew after our first workshop that we had to invite her for a second round.”

Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux
Princeton University

I teach yoga/meditation/music/etc. Will this class be applicable to me?

This class is a general overview about how to teach online. It won’t focus on a specific subject, but it will focus on the foundations of creating great online classes. I have taught many different kinds of online classes and, while your strategy will change slightly, the basics of holding an intimate space and using the technology to enhance learning will never change. It will be able to help every teacher that teaches any subject. 

What if I can't make it live?

The class will be recorded and sent to you via email within 48 hours. Even if you can’t attend, you’re still welcome to submit questions for me to answer and you can hear my answer on the recording.

Money is tight for me right now. Is this class worth it?

Depending on your pricing, just having one person sign up to your class can make this masterclass more than pay for itself. The skills I’ll teach you are ones you can apply over and over again. For only $49, you will get all the knowledge about teaching online that took me a decade to perfect.

I completely understand though that this crisis has hit some people very hard. As a small, feminist business if you can pay $49, I ask that you please do so. If you’d like to attend but have been affected by the crisis, please write to me at and I’ll work with you to get you signed up.

How much of this is going to focus on technical aspects? How much on teaching skills?

My goal is to try to give equitable time to both skills. One skill is not going to be as useful without the other, so I want to try to cover all your questions and concerns regarding technology and teaching.

I have a question that was not answered here. Who should I contact?

Don’t hesitate to send us an email with your questions at moreplease (at) and we’ll answer them as soon as we can 🙂

This is a class on mastery of the online teaching and learning space.

Whether you are an aspiring online teacher or facilitator who wants to provide meaningful online offerings that create impact and sell, or you are a team leader or manager who is suddenly using online tools in order to develop your team and lead projects, this masterclass is for you.

Spend two hours with me developing your skills, and you will be positioned to immediately utilize them to pivot, skyrocket your capabilities and deliver new products like a pro.

Sign up today.

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