Amy Jo in the media


“I’m perpetually blown away by the intellect and insight that Amy Jo Goddard possesses, into all aspects of human sexuality. She is the ultimate source for personal and intimate expansion!”
– Andrea Lowell, Host of the Playboy Morning Show

“Amy Jo Goddard is as smart and sweet as she is sexy. Funny, witty, and seemingly all-knowing in anything to do with human sexuality, I never want her interviews to end! She’s easily one of my favorite guests.”
– Dan Cummins, Host of The Playboy Morning Show

Here’s a list of some of the print articles, TV features and podcasts Amy Jo has appeared in.
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Print & Online

January 2016: Health.com – 5 Mental Blocks That Are Ruining Your Sex Life

September 2015: MindBodyGreen: Featured Article – “The 5 Reasons You Aren’t Having the Best Sex of Your Life”

July 2015: Yahoo Beauty: Article – “How the Brave Transgender Movement has the Potential to Transform Us All”

Spring 2015: Happy Entrepreneur: Feature Article – “Sex & Money: The 2 Pillars of Joy”

May 2015: Thought Catalogue: Article – “6 Misunderstandings About Female Sexuality that All Men and Women Need to Know are False”

January 2015: Senshēant Magazine: Featured Article – “Sexual Agency in a Sex Negative World”

December 2013: Cosmopolitan: 12 Days of Holiday Sex Moves

May 2011: Persephone Magazine: Feature Article

July 2010: Go! Magazine’s “100 Women We Love, Class of 2010″

July 2010: Limite: Feature Article


March 2016: Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast

March 2016: Sex with Emily Podcast with Dr. Emily Morse

February 2016: Interview with Samantha Bennett from The Organized Artist Company on sex & creativity

January 2016: T and A Talk Sex Radio

December 2015: CraveCast with Alexandra Jamieson

November 2015: How We Talk About Sex Podcast

October 2015: Sex Gets Real Podcast

October 2015: Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino

October 2015: TippingPointRadio with Craig Mariwether

October 2015: Intimate Chats with Love Birds Radio

September 2015: Sex the Podcast

May 2015: Ripe to Life Podcast

April 2015: Sex Lab with Lara Podcast

September 2014: Beyond 50 Radio

April 2013: Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino

October 2012: Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast

October 2012: Here Your Are: Sex and Culture

December 2011: Hot Sox with Jamye Waxman