The Intimacy of Allyship:

A Path to Being an Accomplice for Racial Justice

Free, live workshop on July 28, 2pm-4:30pm PST/5pm-7:30pm EST

All genders welcome
If we want a just world, every one of us gets to do the work to change it. It starts within us.

Being a good accomplice to Black, Brown and Indigenous people calls for deep self-reflection and vulnerability, and yes, sometimes extreme discomfort. Our egos will be bruised. We will find ourselves in pain about what we didn’t know. That’s not a reason to stop. That’s a reason to keep going and grow.

Without self-intimacy and stretching yourself emotionally in ways you may not love, it becomes difficult to do the work of allyship and remain effective. Shame, fragility and defensiveness are part of what can come up when we are looking for ways to bring our own gifts and/or privilege forward in service of others.

In order to truly end racism and white supremacy we must look at how it lives in us. None of us have been untouched by racism, whether we have had it directed at us or have perpetuated it in known or unknown ways. We must be willing to look into ourselves and at what makes us uncomfortable in order to change a world that maintains and strengthens itself by anti-Blackness and upholding whiteness as superior.

Join me for

The Intimacy of Allyship: A Path to Being an Accomplice for Racial Justice
In The Intimacy of Allyship we will take a hard look at how the characteristics of white supremacy culture have taken root in ourselves, our psyches and our lives, how intimacy is related to white supremacy, and what it means to be in allyship and to move towards being accomplices in the work of ending racism and white supremacy. Please join us for this powerful community event.

Racial justice happens when we all deepen our own self-work and learn to show up with humility and intentional, thoughtful support. Allyship, when done well, is a sacred act of intimacy. It is saying, “I know I don’t know. What I know is that I care and I want an equality that does not yet exist and I am listening for how to be a part of having it exist.” It requires a trust of something greater than ourselves, a listening outside of ourselves.

Amy Jo Goddard is an intersectional feminist sex educator who was heavily influenced in her early feminist awakening by writers like Audre Lorde, Angela Davis, Toni Morrison, Cherríe Moraga, Gloria Anzaldúa, Patricia Hill Collins and many other foremothers who helped her see the interconnections between sex, gender, race, class, ability, nationality through an anti-oppression lens.

She has been teaching and speaking about feminism and sexuality for over two decades. She delivered her TEDx talk “Owning Your Sexual Power” in Napa Valley and is author of Woman on Fire: Nine Elements to Wake up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence. She has produced plays and one-woman shows in New York City, and she has written about performance as activism for the Social Justice Journal.

Her forthcoming film At Your Cervix, examines patient consent and bodily autonomy in gynecology and medical education, aiming to end unethical practices that harm both patients and medical students. She is committed to helping people have the hard conversations that lead to liberation.

This workshop is designed for all people who want to examine themselves from this lens. Aimed at white people, all people are welcome to join.

We ask that you plan to be present on video for the duration of the workshop. We will take a bio break in the middle. Please come fed, with water, and a journal and pen. You’ll need the nourishment to go deep.


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