The Human Love Cocoon


All genders welcome

The Human Love Cocoon


All genders welcome

“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world.
And you have to do it all the time.”

Angela Davis

We are living in a completely unprecedented time with the Corona Virus and the worldwide response to the pandemic. I want to invite us into the opportunities that lie before us as we all try to figure out how to protect ourselves and our families and what’s next.

We are cocooning. Let’s think of this not as quarantine, but as a cocoon.

What happens in a cocoon? A powerful and even painful process of breakdown and re-creation so that out of a caterpillar is born a butterfly.

We are all becoming butterflies.

And the process is painful. Transformation is never comfortable. And what I know from over two decades of leading people in group transformation is that we can soar to greater heights when we do it together, when we are witnessed, held high and supported in the process.

None of us need to do this alone and this virus may well bring us into a much greater vision of what real community looks like. For when, in our lifetimes has there been anything that has literally affected the entire world, brought the whole world together in a survival process as the global community?

What an amazing opportunity we have to remember that we need each other.

Starting tomorrow, March 17, I will be hosting a Zoom call/FB live every week day at noon called The Human Love Cocoon. I am inviting different guests to come and speak, teach, hold space and be with you. We get to gather virtually and be together during this time.

Monday, March 23



Tuesday, March 24

Mani/Pedi Party!

Wednesday, March 25

Beth Osmer is bringing her healing power and possibly some shamanic journeying! Zoinks!

Thursday, March 26

Hemalayaa Behl serving up breathing (yes please!), yoga-play, dancing, and the EMBODY Pathway practices!

Friday, March 27

I’ll put on some sweet soul music and we’re gonna spend time together while we write love letters to people who need a loving gesture right now.

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