Sometimes you don’t merely need a vacation where you can have fun and relax, you need a sexcation where you take time out of your busy schedule to not only relax and unplug, but to specifically create lots of time for delicious sexual experiences and adventures.

As adults, we need the chance to have erotic play together sans children and other family and responsibilities. We need space for unfettered play, languorous mornings, lots of affection and flirtation, sex in unusual places and erotic thrills. Especially if you’ve spent too much of your time off work visiting the relatives and in-laws and keeping a lid on your sexual expression. This calls for a sexcation!

Here’s a guide on how to plan the perfect sexcation.

Designing your sexcation

When creating the vision for your yummy time with your lover(s), consider where and how your sexcation will take place. Are you going some place new together that you’ve never been? Are you bringing your lover to a place you’ve been before, but that’s new for them (or vice versa)? Do you want a sexy city, sexy country or sexy beach? What will get your sex juice moving?

Getting into a different location and environment allows you to step out of your typical roles as you escape everyday life. No one knows you and your relationship can be anything you want it to be. There can be a fun clandestine element that raises the erotic charge.

You can schedule sexy activities like romantic dinners or a visit to a sex club in the right place. Your sexy itinerary might include a little ecosexuality where you seek out natural beauty and ecstatic experiences in nature. However, be sure to have lots of precious unscheduled time. The point is not to have to run around and be places—you do enough of that at home. Allow yourself to be lazy and generous with time, with nowhere to be.

Because we are often so overscheduled, and get stuck trying to fit sex in between the busy contours of our work and family lives, it’s also helpful to expand your idea of your sexcation beyond a formal trip where you’re both going someplace else. Even if you’re not going out of town, why not try putting an erotic twist on the staycation by devoting time at home for erotic play? You don’t have to take an 11-day trip to Belize—sometimes just staying in a local hotel or resort together for a night or a weekend can really change it up.

And if one partner travels for business, accompanying them on their trip offers an opportunity to get out of your routines. Role play as the sexy executive assistant or corporate fluffer and discover some tantalizing opportunities for power play and erotic tension! It definitely beats being alone in a corporate hotel room.

How to set expectations and get on the same page

Who among us hasn’t experienced the disappointment of setting aside time to have a magical experience with a lover, only to find that they missed the memo and ended up overscheduled or otherwise unavailable for sexy time? For a sexcation to go well…


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