Finding Your Sexual Voice

Free Live Webinar on March 4, 5PM PST & March 5, 12nn PST

All genders welcome

“I just don’t know how to talk about it”

(“It” = sex, sexuality, pleasure, orgasms, what’s not working, what could be better…)

Hi, I’m Amy Jo Goddard — sexual empowerment expert. One of the things I hear constantly from people is that they don’t know how to talk about sex.

Many don’t know how to talk about it because they have no idea what they want.

Many don’t know how to have a conversation with others because they are so confused in their conversation with themselves, stuck in self-judgment, confusion, frustration or thinking something is wrong.

We all have a sexual voice. Some of us need to find it, some of us need to express it, some of us need to shift it so we can get more of what we want and less of what we don’t.

  • Do you struggle with asking for what you want sexually and in relationships?
  • Are there things you want to ask for, but that you feel blocked in articulating?
  • Does it feel hard to speak up “in the moment” and translate into words what it is you want to say? (Even when someone else is ASKING you to)
  • In the past, have you let other people’s sexual wants take preference over yours?
  • Are you searching for your true, authentic, unself-conscious YES in sex (and in life)?

Join me for

Finding Your Sexual Voice

In this live 90 minute webinar, we’ll cover:

~ what makes up the internal and the external sexual voice
~ the top sexual stories that keep people sexually stuck
~ what gets in the way of finding your true inner voice and your inner “yes”
~ the steps you need to take to tap into your authentic inner “yes”
~ how to bring your inner yes to the outer world so you can get what you want.

We’ll also make time for LIVE Q&A with me (submit your questions beforehand, or write them into the chat directly) on the topic of communication and the sexual voice

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