Developing High Level
Programs & Packages
That Sell:

How to create kickass trainings that serve more people
and make more money

Brilliant workshops take more than a good idea. Get the skills to be a rockstar educator… no matter what the topic.

Do you want to deliver high-level trainings and programs but fear your participants will think you don’t know what you’re doing?

Have you tried to replicate what you see others do, without ever studying the process for creating a training design that makes sure your participants get what they came for?

Do you wish your workshop design skills were more solid so that you could feel more confident in your delivery?

Have you harmed your reputation as a teacher by teaching workshops that didn’t deliver? or that were so-so?

Two things are needed to become an absolute rockstar presenter who makes money doing the work they love:

1. Learn the skills of workshop development and design.

Many people know a lot about their area of expertise and they might think that’s enough to be able to teach it to others. If you ever had a college professor that put you to sleep, or if you have walked out of a workshop that simply didn’t meet your needs, you might have witnessed someone who was really smart but lacked the skills to deliver on their promise. Sadly, this is far too common and many people end up looking like a fraud who doesn’t know their stuff because they never learned how to offer it so that participants felt filled up with new knowledge and experiences that actually will make a difference in their lives. And the bigger issue, is that if you start teaching this way and creating your offerings, you will get a reputation for being a poor trainer or workshop leader and people won’t come. Then it becomes next to impossible to fill your room and do the work you deeply want to do.

2. Master the business of workshops by developing bigger programs and packages.

Any entrepreneur or service provider who works one-on-one with clients by the hour knows there is a very real glass ceiling. You may have found yourself smashed up against that ceiling peering to the other side for a long, long time. The only way to move to a sustainable 6-figure business is to employ a business model that packages the services you offer into higher level offerings that quality clients will be looking for and will thank you for.

In this course, we are going to overhaul your offerings into packages that work so that you can serve clients at multiple levels and inflate your business income so you can break through that income glass ceiling and be able to anticipate your income with more clarity so you feel less overall stress about your cash flow.

This program is for you if:

  • You are a coach, therapist, consultant or entrepreneur who is already working one-on-one with clients on an hourly basis
  • You are service provider who is ready to up your game and create a 6-figure business
  • You want a business model that works from the get-go… so you can skip the step where you sell your work well below what it is worth
  • You are ready to raise your prices but don’t know what the market can bear
  • You are an educator who is serious about providing meaningful work that will create real change in clients
  • You are a business owner who wants to break through feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness–so you can create packages and high-level offerings that have clear value and will sell

What the course includes:

  • Four virtual classes on content creation and workshop design
  • Two virtual classes about how to create packages
  • Two live group coaching calls
  • Up to an hour of individual materials review
  • Two private sessions to go over your specific content and packages so they are ready to sell!

Live coaching on your workshop curriculum is priceless and will allow you to play to your strengths.

This training will be practical for any person who facilitates (or wants to facilitate) workshops in any type of setting. You will be able to tailor all of the information provided to your area of expertise and use the worksheets and proven processes for years to come as you continue to develop workshops, trainings and programs that keep people coming back to learn from you because you provide such kick-ass, educational and fun educational experiences.


Workshop Development & Design

  • Develop a sound workshop design for any topic
  • Write workshop objectives that will ensure you teach what you claim you will teach
  • Tailor a workshop design to your participants’ needs
  • Incorporate multiple learning styles into your design
  • Create a workshop that is ready for facilitation
  • Build a curriculum that will rock your participants’ worlds
  • Follow up afterwards to maximize the awesome job you did


  • 4-part virtual course on content creation and workshop design
  • Bonus template on How to Carry Out an Audience Assessment
  • Bonus template for how to write a rockstar evaluation


Program & Package Mastery

  • Understand and develop a sound business strategy for your educational offerings
  • Move completely out of an hourly one-to-one model of coaching, therapy and consultation into a model that makes it impossible for clients to make you a commodity
  • Develop a packaging model that makes it easy for you to raise your prices, elevate the quality of your clients, and creates more stability for your business
  • Price packages at a level that puts you where you want to be in the playing field
  • Get more tools for how to work smarter, not harder
  • Get expert private coaching and individual attention on your packages so that they are ready to sell


  • Two in-depth classes on package development
  • Up to an hour of materials review
  • Two private 1-on-1 sessions to go over your specific content and packages so they are ready to sell!
  • Bonus worksheet on How to Price Your Offerings


Mastering Enrollment & Money

A special four-session course on sales and enrollment techniques that work and the path to create a 6-figure business

  • Practice an enrollment process that is proven to work
  • Make clear financial goals and a plan to achieve them
  • Develop pricing and package strategies that will help you scale your business
  • Identify and shift the money blocks that are getting in your way
  • Receive coaching and personalized guidance about how to scale your business and make the money you want to make doing the work you love! Yes, you get to do that too.

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Programs & Packages Level 1 & 2 plus Mastering Enrollment & Money


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