Last week I received an email from a woman who was very upset because she had taken my Confidence Types Quiz and she was shocked that there were questions about sexuality on it. Gasp!

I get that people might not like Facebook asking questions about sexuality or feeling suspicious of them in general around personal information. We all have reason to distrust them. 

Her complaint wasn’t about that though. She told me that confidence has “nothing to do with sexuality” and how dare I ask personal questions like that when what we are here to talk about is CONFIDENCE! Remove me! 

I laughed out loud. 

Confidence has EVERYTHING to do with sexuality.

It’s okay if you are not up for talking about it, but the idea that they are unrelated is hilarious to me.

For many years I have been asking the women I work with what they need most in order to feel sexually empowered. The number one thing they say is confidence! 

I hear it over and over…how much confidence would change everything. 

I constantly get asked how I define Sexual Empowerment. 

I wrote an entire book about how I define it. I have written countless articles about it. I’ve not broken down the confidence connection though.

Let’s look at the Venn diagram of sexual empowerment and confidence. 

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