I want to talk to you about the idea that you are sexually broken. I have been hearing from women over the last several months about this idea that they are broken. And a lot of times they are welling up with tears, and this is the first time they’ve ever voiced this to someone. It’s this idea that there is something about you that’s not fixable—that’s broken and doesn’t work. That you are never going to have the sexual life—the vibrant life, the orgasms, the pleasure, feel the desire, or feel desired in the way that others do.

broken mirrorIt breaks my heart every time I hear a woman say she’s broken. And I keep hearing myself tell people “You’re not broken!” There is just something you need that you didn’t get. Maybe you need more education about your body, maybe you need to understand more about how that works. Maybe you don’t have the skills to really identify what you want and get those things in your sexual relationship. Maybe there is some healing that you need to do, or there is some shame that needs to be addressed.

There are so many things that hold people back about their sexuality that a lot of times we just haven’t had any permission to do that work, to heal it, or to talk about it in a way that is really productive for us.

In my work, that is a lot of what I do for people. I give people that open, receptive space. I give people permission. I do the education and I help people attain the healing around sexual shame that they really need. These are really primary things that I do in my Women’s Sexually Empowered Life Program; and these are the reasons that I actually developed that program to begin with, because this program is the program that I wish I would have had 20 years ago when I was working on my own sexual empowerment! I created the program that I would have wanted and just didn’t exist.

So I am in the middle of launching that program, and we are already 2/3rds full. I know that it is going to fill in the next couple of weeks, so this is a call to you if you are someone who is ready to do that work, who has been feeling broken and doesn’t want to feel that way any more. If so, you and I really need to talk, because this might be the way for you to really do that work and stop believing the lies you have internalized about your own sexuality and sexual potential. And it is so powerful to be in a room full of other women who are committed to working on their sexual and relationship lives.

So I am here to help you be more powerful, to experience more pleasure, more joy, and more fulfillment in your sexual and relationship life. That is what the Women’s Sexually Empowered Life Program is about, and I’d really love to see you there.

You are not broken. There is just something that you need, and I know that I have a lot of those things that people need. So if this is resonating with you, I really want to talk to you. Don’t believe that lie anymore. It’s a story. You’re not broken.

Please visit me at AmyJoGoddard.com to apply to be a part of this unique experience, and find out more below. I hope to see you there.