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If you are single or in a relationship and you want to improve your sexual and intimate life, there is a journey that is waiting for you. Get the guidance and tools you need to have a healthier, happier, more vibrant life.

Schedule a 45-min sexuality activation call with Amy Jo today.

It’s common to feel sexually stuck or disconnected.

Yet, it’s never too late to grow your sexual intelligence & improve every part of your life. Sexual empowerment is not just for some people. It’s something we can all have if we give it the attention it deserves.

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What fulfilled people are saying…

"Before I found Amy Jo I was isolated, lacking clarity and the application of power in sex and in life. I chose to do this work knowing that my history of sexual trauma made sexual decision-making confusing. I was making unsafe decisions and didn’t know how to be responsible and free. This work has shown me what real self care is. Having experienced this, I am filled with clarity, confidence and most of all–a sense of inner peace in my sexuality and all areas of my life."

Annika Michelle

"Before I began this work I was in such a deep, dark hole when it came to sex. Amy Jo’s teachings have been invaluable, along with the community of women who I could talk to and learn from. This work has liberated me from the huge weight that had been stifling my sexuality for years. I now have the language to talk about what’s going on and the tools and confidence to grow!"



Hi, I’m Amy Jo Goddard

After teaching young people and college students for 15 years, I decided I wanted to help adults because they have fewer actual resources and less permission to grow their sexuality in a meaningful way.

I realized many adults LONG FOR MORE.

Whether you are married, partnered, single or dating, monogamous or polyamorous, heterosexual, gay, bi or queer, no matter your gender, sexuality is at the core of who you are, and when you tap into it, there is a more profound human experience that awaits you.

Most of us never got the sex ed we needed when we were teens so we sure were not prepared to have a fulfilling adult sexual life. Even if you were the lucky one who DID get some good sex ed when you were young, teen sexuality and adult sexuality are very different.

It’s time. Where ever you are now, if you are ready to heal, learn, grow and expand who you are as a sexual being, then you are ready to improve everything in your life.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey of a lifetime.