Your Sexually Empowered Life ~ 9 Month Intensive Program

Are you ready to own your sexuality? Reclaim it, heal it and celebrate it?

Women need a safe space in which to heal, explore, examine and learn about their sexuality. Those spaces are few and far between in this world. It is rare that you have time and space to explore deeply your sexuality in a circle of other women, to bare the stories and shame that need baring, to release what needs releasing, to grow and let go of old stuff so you can move into a place of power.

So many things keep women out of touch with their power and desires when it comes to sex and sexuality.

…You don’t want what other women seem to want sexually and wonder if there is something wrong with you and your desires.

…You don’t have the orgasms you hear other women talk about and think you might never experience them.

…You feel low sexual desire and depletion that zaps your sexual spark.

…You want to cultivate more intimacy, pleasure and hotness with your partner(s).

…You want the confidence to flirt and approach people you find attractive and to go for what you want sexually, but you don’t know where to start.

…You know it’s time to go deeper in your relationship to your sexuality and to welcome more pleasure, playfulness and joy.

…You’ve never learned how to talk about sex because no one ever did in your family or culture.

…You are ready to get rid of sexual shame or guilt.

…You’ve got a sexual past you just haven’t made peace with.

…You are sick of being financially dependent on others and tired of living in lack.

…You are eager to explore the ways sex and money are connected so you can have more fulfillment with both!

…You want more. More pleasure, more sex, more orgasms, more ecstasy, more intimacy.

You can have all these things. And more.

You are not the hopeless case that will never have a fulfilling sexual life.

Everyone has struggles with their sexuality. Not everyone reaches out for supportive spaces where they can develop their sexuality and overcome their struggles.

Your Sexually Empowered Life is an intensive 9-Month Program with master teacher Amy Jo Goddard, designed to help women do the deep work on their sexual selves that will empower and affect every aspect of their being.

When you work on your sexuality, you impact everything in your life. It’s that important and essential to who you are and to how you walk in the world.



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Click Here to Hear Real Women’s Stories from the Program

In this webinar, I answer questions about the program and you’ll hear alumni of this program share their personal experiences of how it transformed their relationships and sexual lives.

What happens in the Your Sexually Empowered Life program?

The Women’s Sexually Empowered Life Program is a totally unique opportunity to grow your sexuality with a group of other women who are also committed to growing theirs. This program is a combination of DEEP work on the sexual self through:

  • Discussion, coaching and self-exploration;
  • Examination of our sexual history and patterns;
  • Experiential exercises that allow women to step into varying aspects of their sexuality for direct inner wisdom;
  • Education about sexuality and the sexual body; and
  • Profound rituals and special events.

AnaisNinIt involves “homefun” in between classes and allows participants to develop sexual/relational skills through guided exercises. It pushes boundaries so that you can experience new terrain in a safe way and asks that you bring your whole self to the process. It is a rare opportunity to dive deeply into the study and development of your own sexual self.

The work is based around the 9 steps to a sexually empowered life that I have developed after years of working as a sex & relationship coach and helping thousands of people with their sexual lives. (I don’t see these as 9 linear steps that you go through one-by-one, but more like 9 congruent elements that are always in development and always impacting one another.) These 9 essential gateways to sexual empowerment are:

  • Rewrite your sexual story
  • Release sexual shame & blockages
  • Nurture and increase your sexual energy
  • Shift emotional patterns that damage relationships
  • Activate desire & create a sexual practice
  • Radically accept your body
  • Develop sexual skills
  • Develop your Erotic Authenticity & personal love language
  • Come home to yourself




Adult women of all backgrounds and orientations are welcome.

Here’s how it works:

This program is unique. It is an experiential process that is about peeling back the many layers of your sexuality to celebrate them, heal them, nourish them, explore them and embrace them.

Because the group experience is so important, enrollment to this program happens on an invitation-only basis. Applicants apply online and book a time to speak with a program coordinator. Applications are reviewed by Amy Jo and team iSexy, and a limited number of women are invited to attend.

The core of our work takes place during four, live, in-person experiential weekends at lush, private and intimate locations. You get expert coaching, facilitation and guidance from Amy Jo and you get a whole community of women to support you in your process. The group experience is absolutely profound and life-changing. Over 9 months, our group meets monthly by webinar or phone to build community and check in about the deep work we are doing. A private Facebook forum, a curriculum of sexuality resources and readings, and 1-on-1 buddy calls with other program members serve as other touchpoints over the course of the program.

Who is the YSEL Woman?

She knows this is important work. She’s no stranger to self-transformation–whether through therapy, coaching, 12 Step, spiritual speaking or other paths, she know she is on a life journey and values each step that has brought her to where she is now. Now she’s ready to honor her sexuality in a deeper way.

She is ready for change. Ready to let go of old hurts she may have carried for a long time, or that may be woven into her family line and herstory. She’s ready to bust through old patterns. An urgency drives her–to heal wounds, to release what needs to be released, to change her experiences of sexuality, relationships and intimacy in a deep way. She knows that much more awaits her.

She wants MORE! She feels the call of her sexual self within her and longs to express the pleasure, ecstasy and power within. She wants to find and release her sexual voice, to ask for what she wants from a place of assurance and ease. She knows this would radically change her experience in relationships. She knows her sexuality is a source of her power. She wants to find the missing piece and integrate it into who she is in the world.

Are you this woman?

What Women Are Saying

YSEL1Amy Jo is a great facilitator and educator. She is very grounded. Her openness about her own sexuality and emotions was very helpful in setting the tone of the program and she helped create an atmosphere of openness among all participants. The program gave me some amazing learning experiences that I will remember forever. Most of all, I feel a lot more comfortable about my own sexuality and I now have a greater sense of excitement for adventure that I will bring back to my relationship with my husband.”
– Anna, program participant, 2011



YSEL2“I now stand more grounded in who I am as a sensual being, swing my hips with more awareness of my body, flirt with more confidence, speak to my lover with a deeper and more honest intention, pray with a bit more attention, make love more deeply/wildly/soft/without walls OR sometimes I retreat back to where I was before yet I’m more mindful about it.

It is an everyday (sometimes extremely hard) journey no doubt. However, the tools and energetic fuel I have gained from the workshops keep me mindful and intentional and capable of saying yes everyday, no matter how quiet or LOUD! I seriously wholeheartedly recommend this journey to all women wanting to live a fulfilled life in every way and are willing to accept the challenge to do so.”

–Kiki, program participant, 2010


YSEL3“Now that I have experienced Your Sexually Empowered Life Women’s Program, I am more trusting, confident, authentic, playful, joyful, powerful! Agency is a term that I have come to embrace and take a hold of. I feel the most in-touch with a deeper compass than I ever have, and it’s achieved through a tender balance of fighting for what you want and letting go of control.

Amy Jo has created an amazing container where this intangible task becomes possible and from it is born a deep connection to your world, your community, and most importantly: YOURSELF!”
– Mae, Your Sexually Empowered Life Participant, 2014


“Before I began this work I was full of shame and judgment. It was hard to rejoice in my sexual expression without thinking about religion or culture. Ines headshotMy sexual life was on pause; I was taking care of everyone else before myself. I was really curious about my sexuality, and knew I wanted to make a shift. I was tired of not being able to orgasm. I wanted to learn to fully express myself sexually, and fulfill my desires.

Coming out of the program, I am free to be me…authentically in pride and ecstasy. To all the women who are considering doing this work, you won’t regret it! You deserve it, and owe it to yourself; you will step out of this work renewed!”
– Teresa, 2014 program participant

Now is the time…

SEL edited small… to fully experience your sexual self, stop denying your deepest desires and claim the sexual fulfillment that is yours to have.
Stop settling for less than you deserve!

Stop putting your sexuality on the back burner while you take care of everyone else, telling yourself that “someday” you’ll have more time for it. That someday will never come unless you decide that someday is here, NOW.

You are a pleasure-filled being. You are meant to experience desire and pleasure. Stop judging yourself for it.

Embrace your sexuality and allow yourself to have MORE. More pleasure, more ecstasy, more play, more fun, more intimacy, more fulfillment.

Sexuality is your core power and it is waiting for you to claim it.

Stop denying this essential part of yourself. When you deny it, it seeps out in unhealthy ways. It wants to be expressed and enjoyed. It wants to be creative and playful. It wants to be powerful.

Stop giving away your power!

Stop abandoning yourself in your relationships!

The time is now. The space is here.

Will you make your sexuality important enough to give yourself this gift?

You have landed on this page for a reason. If you are resonating with this, then it’s time. Don’t over think. Stop denying yourself. If you believe that this work can change your life, then let’s talk so you can step into your full sexual power and glory.

Come home. Come home to yourself.

She is waiting for you.

2016 Dates & Locations

CorePower-YSELProgram Dates for 2016-2017:

June 3-5th  — Brooklyn, New York
September 9-11th — Miami, Florida
November 4-6th — Miami, Florida
February 17-19th — Miami, Florida

We work hard to find venues for our intensive weekends that are lush, expansive, private and that support our in depth work. Due to venue limitations, our first weekend in NYC is regrettably not residential. Weekends II-IV will be held in Miami, FL at a private venue where women can stay on-site. We negotiate a low booking rate with the venue and roll housing and food expenses into a single payment for each weekend that covers all costs.

What This Program Is Not

If you’ve read this far down the page, you’re probably seriously considering this program, and we want to make a few things clear:

  • YSEL is a sexual empowerment program, not professional therapy. Amy Jo is a sexual empowerment expert with professional training in sexuality education and the work we do is different from therapy. If you are seeking a therapist who can help you with your sexuality, check out the AASECT directory of licensed professionals.
  • This is deep and transformational work that includes excavating and releasing old wounds, beliefs, shame, guilt and trauma. We understand that many women have had experiences of boundary violation, assault, and/or abuse and we believe that healing work is an essential part of holistic sexual empowerment. Many survivors of sexual violence and abuse have come through YSEL and benefitted greatly from this work. However, our intensive programs are usually not the best fit for women who are in the immediate aftermath of a recent trauma or assault experience. We support women to work through their healing process at their own pace. Ultimately, it’s your decision if you are ready to dive into this work.
  • Some of Amy Jo’s programs are open to people of all genders, but this program is for women only. We welcome women of trans* experience into our programs.
  • This program does not automatically include 1-on-1 coaching; upgrades to private coaching are limited and based on our coaches’ availability. Women who know they would benefit from more 1-on-1 work, and who understand that this is a 4-5 figure commitment, can apply for a coaching package. A program coordinator will talk to you to assess whether we are a good fit to work together privately.

Frequently Asked Questions

When/where is it? How much does it cost?

The first intensive weekend will take place in June in NYC. The following three weekends will take place in Miami, FL. At this point, we’re finalizing the locations of our weekends. If you feel called to this program, know that it is by invitation only and the next step is to submit an application and have a call with a  program coordinator. Not everyone is right for the program, and in some cases the timing may not be right. Amy Jo and the program coordinators review each application; if we determine that it’s a good fit for you and for the program right now, there will be a follow up call in which we’ll invite you to be a part of the program. When we speak we will answer all logistical questions including the finances.

How do I know whether this program will work?

For many people in struggle with their sexuality, what’s underneath the doubt and resignation is the fear of being sexually broken.

If you resonate with that, know that you are not alone and that there are many women who have done this work, with their own rich stories, struggles, pasts, secret desires, unfulfilled longings, and fear of being broken. Every woman who has done this program has emerged changed by it.

Therefore, if at this point you are wondering “how do I know whether this will work?”, what do you consider your measure of success for this program? How would you know if it has worked for you?  YSEL has been thoughtfully crafted, designed and perfected over 6 generations of the program and the truth is, it will work if you will work it–if you show up, do the assignments, are vulnerable about the places where you feel challenged and commit to the process. If you are ready for it, the program is designed to support you.

What kind of women do this program?

Sexual, racial, economic and other forms of diversity are extremely important to us. Women most often come to this work in their 30s, 40s and 50s–sometimes earlier and sometimes later but always when the moment is right in their own personal development. You will meet women from all backgrounds and walks of life, and a variety of relationship styles and orientations: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, married, divorced, dating, single, polyamorous, monogamous, and more!

Some common factors in the women who choose to do this work include:

  • the feeling on being on a personal, life-long journey that this is part of — many women come to this work having already done therapy, coaching, 12 Step, spiritual speaking or other paths
  • wanting to overcome longterm patterns of scarcity and deprivation — not only sexually, but also emotionally and financially
  • being in a service role and wanting to be able to help others — many YSEL program participants have been therapists, teachers, nutritionists, social workers, etc.
  • being a mother and wanting to model healthy sexuality for one’s kids
  • struggles with low libido and confusion about desire
  • difficulty with communication in sex and relationships
  • wanting to open up more and surrender during sex
  • wanting to feel free, empowered and whole

About Amy Jo and Team iSexy

AmyJoTeamAs a team, we are dedicated to helping women break through the barriers that hold them back from having the sexual and relational fulfillment they desire. We acknowledge sexuality as an important and natural part of people’s lives – a site where our personal growth has incredible potential. We see sexuality as holistically connected to health, happiness, self-concept, and human fulfillment. We embrace an intersectional feminist perspective that respects sexual and cultural diversity and encourage people to learn from multiple perspectives, especially in relation to sexuality.

Our programs offer women the chance to feel seen and heard, space to discuss and get underneath the surface, coaching and support to see blind spots and move past them in order to put to bed all that is negative and unproductive about sexuality, relationships and intimacy.

We are committed to supporting the women in our programs and grateful to have the opportunity. We will have fun, laugh, celebrate, feel, move, deepen and empower ourselves. We come prepared, excited, ready and 100% present.