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  • Lift up women leaders
  • Improve workplace culture
  • Build productive, focused, joyful teams

Amy Jo Goddard helps businesses develop a workplace culture that boosts company morale, productivity and focus by addressing the nexus of sexuality, gender, creativity, power and leadership.

In this new world of ours we need to be more creative, more connected and more in touch and in tune. It all stems from our root source of energy. We normally think of creative power that lives in our brain when it really lives in our body.

Sexual energy is creative energy so when the creative energy of your people is stopped up with toxic sexual dynamics, it can have detrimental impacts on your workforce.

Each live event blends research, stories and frameworks to break down complex ideas into bite-sized, easily digested morsels of wisdom that make sexuality less confusing and more accessible.

Amy Jo Goddard will help you lift up women leaders, help team members make seismic shifts in creativity, focus & personal power and create a consent-based workplace culture that meets the needs of everyone and respects the agency of all of your employees so they can be more productive, more creatively fulfilled and more able to contribute to the success of your company.

For Workplaces

Sex, Power & Leadership:

Eliminating Unconscious Sexual Bias For Thriving Workplaces

Never has there been a more fraught time for sex, gender and power, and how the trifecta impacts leadership and professionalism.

As women become more powerful visionary leaders and bigger players on the political and economic frontlines, examining how to express our power in a way that does not amputate our strengths is essential. Toxic workplace sexual dynamics that go unaddressed put companies and employees at tremendous risk.

Our professional culture prevents us from talking about sexuality as a force that shapes our whole lives, including our interactions in the office. Not directly addressing sexuality obfuscates an important aspect of the puzzle of sexual harassment and assault: the truths that most people don’t know how to set and respect sexual boundaries or how to respectfully manage their own sexual energy and desires. Add to that unacknowledged biases and sexual norms for how masculinity and femininity are performed, which play out everywhere, including at work, and we have created the sexual wild west of the workplace.

As professionals who are developing their careers and their ability to negotiate in money and business in today’s modern world, addressing this critical part of personal power and workplace dynamics with intentional care is absolutely essential.

Consent-Based Workplace Culture:

How to Create a Safe Workplace that  Promotes Productivity, Creative Contribution & Collaborative Fulfillment

Organizations and corporations suddenly find themselves in a pickle about sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and/or gender teeter-tottering and are looking for solutions.

With over 20 years of experience working with sexuality, consent and power, Amy Jo will bring nuanced perspectives to the workplace dynamics that are shaking your company morale and hindering productivity and focus. She will give you models for consent-based culture that will help you build it with your entire staff. When employees feel safe at work and like their concerns are heard and needs are met, they are more available for the creative tasks and collaboration that will make your company a success.

In this inspiring and prescriptive speech, you’ll learn how to mitigate risk with an empowering workplace conversation about sexuality, gender and leadership. Leading companies can and will turn this around with this cutting-edge new approach to workplace culture.

The Greatest Taboo:

Secrets to Unlock Your Erotic Intelligence and Expand Your Personal Power

Sexual Empowerment affects your entire life. Sexuality is so vast that when people want to work on their sexual selves they often don’t even know where to begin. When you work on your sexual self in a deep way, it impacts every other aspect of your life including creativity, how you show up for your family and kids, business and all of your relationships.

In this speech, Amy Jo talks about the 9 elements of sexual empowerment that will help you come home to your authentic sexual self and express your sexuality and your personal power with integrity and joy. Participants will identify creative steps they can take right NOW to work towards their own personal power and true erotic authenticity and how to make sexual choices that are right for them—which is hard to do in a world where we are constantly told who and how to be as sexual people.

For Colleges

Sexual Empowerment in the 21st Century:

A Practical Model of Sexual Power in an Age of Sexting, Hook-Ups, Sex- Negativity & #MeToo

For all the strides that have been made around wider cultural acceptance of empowered sexuality as healthy, normal and desirable, we still have a long way to go. The recent explosion of sexual harassment cases, attacks on Planned Parenthood, public shamings about sexually explicit texts and selfies, the need for Slutwalks, and alarming statistics about sexual assault on college campuses all make clear that we still live in a sex-negative culture. Furthermore, in our fast- moving lives where the media, technology and social expectations pepper our days with mixed messages about sexuality, it’s challenging to become a fully healthy sexual adult.

What does “sexual empowerment” really mean at this point in time, when sexuality continues to be commercialized and commoditized, when sex-positivity is too often conflated with “never saying no,” and feminism is invoked as a “brand”? How can people—young adults especially—pursue a meaningful sexual agency that allows them the freedom to navigate our culture’s dysfunction about sexuality—and make choices that lead to personal sexual fulfillment?

In this speech, Amy Jo Goddard shares the model of sexual empowerment she has developed after working with thousands of people over her two-decade career. She discusses practical uses of her approach to sexual empowerment for college students who are simultaneously trying to do well in school, set themselves up for their careers and navigate the murky waters of sexual exploration and power.

Author of two best-selling books

She’s helped thousands upon thousands of people to heal their tender places, reclaim what they thought they lost and step into their power in way they didn’t know they could.

On Women…

The sexually empowered woman who attains sexual agency is able to act with more integrity and authentically align her leadership and values, without an emotional need to please others or be validated externally. As sexual agency develops, she thrives in shared power, or “power-with” and is able to buck the old paradigms of “power-over.” It is this critical internal work that allows all women to step into a profound joy for living and to achieve their desired level of fulfillment in every aspect of their lives.

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“Amy Jo Goddard’s enthusiasm and warmth are infectious. As a student organizer at Princeton University, I hosted two workshops with Amy Jo, and both were great successes because of the eclectic crowd that she drew and the conversations that emerged. She can convince anyone to speak openly about challenging issues, and do so in a way that makes them forget that subjects like sex or body image are often uncomfortable. Given her ability to put people at ease, the honesty and depth that emerges in her workshops is extraordinary. She tackled hard issues with grace and humor, and I knew after our first workshop that we had to invite her for a second round.”

–Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux
President of Sex Talk, Princeton University

“I’m perpetually blown away by the intellect and insight that Amy Jo Goddard possesses, into all aspects of human sexuality. She is the ultimate source for personal and intimate expansion!”

–Andrea Lowell
Host of the Playboy Morning Show