Your Best Sexual Year Yet


January 10, 2020 Friday 12nn PST / 3pm EST

All genders welcome









Start your new year off right

Every New Year for the past nine years, I’ve offered a virtual workshop and ritual around manifesting the sexual life you dream of in the New Year. It’s a luscious and exciting way to step into 2020, dreaming about the kinds of relationships and sexual experiences you want to draw to you.

What to expect

In this 90-minute webinar with Amy Jo, we take time to look, examine, question, acknowledge, heal, and envision our sexuality, relationships and intimacy. We get clear about what we really want to have in our sexual and intimate lives. It’s unbelievably powerful to give some time in the new year to the crazy important part of our life that most people bury, sweep under the rug or just don’t talk about. Sex! My approach is to bring it out, talk about what’s good and what could be better and create the vision so you have something to work toward. Sexuality, like any other part of your life, flourishes in accordance with the energy you give it. Give to it, it will give back.


  • A discussion & exploration of the 7 Areas of Sexuality 
  • A recording of the workshop/ritual 4 days after the event if for any reason you are not able to attend. 

Bonus: An invitation from Amy Jo to avail her Sexuality Activation Call for 50% off 4 days after the ritual if you are interested in continuing your vision for 2020.

What people are saying…

“I found the 7 areas of sexuality particularly helpful because they showed me how intricate sexuality is and gave me a bit of guidance on all the ways to explore it. Thank you so much for holding the event and increasing my momentum for creating a new sexy life this year!”


“I have been through a lot of counseling over the years, and while we do good work, I have always felt like there was one piece of the puzzle missing… through the workshop I realized the missing piece was my sexuality, my sexual empowerment, and my sexual confidence! It all seem to click into place for me.”


Are you ready to create the sexual life you want?

I hope you will join me and other sexually conscious people to create more powerful sexual lives, more confidence and ability to make sexually empowered decisions in 2020. Sexuality and pleasure are antidotes to the oppression and repression that aim to keep us small. Let’s make 2020 the year of sexual expansion—our world desperately needs it.

All genders welcome