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Adult sex education changes lives.

As a sex educator, people often assume I work with teenagers, and I tell them that actually, I work with former teens who never got good sex ed and then became adults… who still need to fill in the blanks and learn how to navigate adult sexuality, adult bodies, adult sexual communication and adult relationships.

I believe that having great sex is not instinctive and it doesn’t come naturally — it is a skillset that you learn and develop over your entire life and that, like anything else, you need guidance and mentors for! In my programs, classes and workshops, we set up a safe container where you can take risks and show up fully. We open up dialogue about the things most people don’t talk about and remove the taboo and we can get to the core of what is real for us. We can uncover what is in shadow—what is really holding you back from being your full sexual self and having the pleasure, connection, ecstasy and intimacy you want. We can practice the skills of communicating, asking for what we want, learning our bodies and how pleasure works.

I teach a variety of workshops, programs and classes, both in person and virtually: everything from 2-hour workshops in person or by webinar to long programs that take place over several months and include multiple weekends together. Some of my offerings are available for people of all genders and some of my group workshops and programs are offered to women only (however you came to that identity). Wherever you are in your journey, I hope to support your deeper self-expression as a sexual person.

Bringing Sexy Back: How to Recharge Your Sexual Energy & Revitalize Your Sex Life

Claim Your Orgasm Video VaultClaimYourOrgasm_SqThis five-module video course is a deep dive into pleasure, orgasm, desire, arousal and sexual communication. Designed for people with vulvas and people who want to learn to please vulvas, this course is for you if you want to:

  • have deeper orgasms and expand your orgasmic potential
  • get out of your head and be more present sexually
  • learn to let go and really enjoy sex the way you’ve always wished you could
  • get all your embarrassing questions about your body answered
  • talk about what you like and don’t like more confidently with a partner

In this video course, you will get access to:

  • In depth teaching videos, assignments and live demonstrations on the four tools of orgasm: breath, voice, muscle and movement
  • A special instructional video on how to have a Firebreath Orgasm
  • In depth anatomy teachings that go far beyond what you ever learned in a health class…
  • And advanced techniques on how to pleasure yourself or someone else with a vulva
  • Foundational teachings on desire, sexual response, fantasy and sexual communication–
  • Including how to bring up sensitive topics outside the bedroom, AND how to give feedback in the heat of the moment

Bonus: get my Advanced Sex Workout!


Going All the Way: Sex & Money 90 Day ProgramGoingAlltheWay
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.49.09 PMWhat would your life be like if you had all the sex and money you wanted? Do you know that your patterns around sex and money are related? For most people, sex and money are the two most taboo topics out there–they’re never talked about (at least in polite conversation) and yet we’re just “expected to know” how to manage our sexual and financial lives with little to no instruction.

This 90 day virtual program is for you if you want to work through your limiting beliefs about money and sexuality, and get to the bottom of what has blocked you in both. This program is open to people of all genders. In this course, you will:

  • Explore the ways in which money, sex and relationships are related, and what blocks you so you can have what you wanted in all three
  • Identify the subconscious patterns that have kept you dissatisfied and deprived
  • want
  • Learn about the connections between desire, beauty and opulence and give yourself permission to have more of what you really want
  • Unpack your “Money Story” so you can make the money you want and stop getting in your own way
  • Apply natural laws to have the sex and money you desire

Bonus: get my Strategies & Scripts for Having Difficult Conversations!



Ultimate Confidence in Sex, Money & BusinessUltimate Confidence
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.00.36 PMThis 6-module audio course is designed for people who want to be more confident in sex and dating and who want that confidence to radiate outwards into other areas of their lives: creative, relational and professional. Real sexual confidence isn’t about trying to meet some ideal of “sexy”; it’s about owning your own distinctive style and maximizing your strengths to take the lead in your intimate relationships and professional life.

Through the Ultimate Confidence in Sex, Money & Business class, you will:

  • Own your unique Confidence Type and understand its strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Learn to communicate more effectively and directly about sex and relationships
  • Negotiate more powerfully for the money you want
  • Understand the patterns of self-sabotage that have undercut your confidence
  • Identify the Confidence Types of other people in your life like partners, lovers, bosses, and family members–and make changes in the dynamic of your relationships

In this video course, you will get access to:

  • 6 teaching modules from me (audio + PowerPoint)
  • Handouts and transcripts from each class
  • Descriptions of the 5 Confidence Types so you can understand your own Type and that of others

Bonus: get my 13-day Confidence Challenge!



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