Hailing from Military Dad and Recovering-Catholic-Proudly-Sandra-Dee-Mom, Amy Jo Goddard had no other choice but to become a sex educator just to sail the shaky waters of human experience and help her family survive. Actually they don’t really take sex advice from her.

But thousands of others have improved their lives, boosted their confidence, learned the art of asking for what they want and gotten it, stepped into their power, learned to radically love their bodies, showed up as emotionally powerful in their relationships, rock-starred their mid-life with the best sex ever, and put in perspective and practice the very real and important role sexuality was meant to play in their lives under her tutelage.

Amy Jo is author of Woman on Fire: Nine Elements to Wake up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence and co-author of the best-selling classic Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men, recently published in second edition. She earned her Master’s degree in Human Sexuality Education at New York University and has been teaching and speaking about feminism and sexuality for over two decades.

A California-New York hybrid, she was named one of Go Magazine’s “100 Women We Love” and Kinkly’s “100 Sex Blogging Superheroes”.

Amy Jo works with women and couples on their sexual and relationship lives and she is a corporate and media consultant. She helps companies, media outlets, health care institutions and universities improve workplaces and the lives of women and elevate media representations of women and LGBTQ people.

Amy Jo’s forthcoming documentary film, At Your Cervix, aims to improve pelvic exams for all patients and to end unethical medical practices that harm women and transgender people.

Currently based in Los Angeles, she is a fierce lover of felines, who, she claims are evolved teachers about empowered sexuality and healthy boundaries.

Check out her popular TEDx talk “Owning Your Sexual Power” below:

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