On this Thanksgiving day, I want to offer a prayer of gratitude for my sexuality and for yours.

Spirit, Universe, Creator, Source, All that Is, I am so grateful for my sexuality.

I am so grateful for my body,
for the pleasure that I get to experience everyday
for touch, for joy,
for that deep well of energy within me that is the source of my sexuality
and my creativity
and my sexual expression.

Great spirit, I am so blessed to have my sexuality,
this living breathing part of myself that allows me to walk in the world in a way that is present to all that is,
that allows my body to smile and to open to others, to experiences, to the beauty that I see all around me in the faces and in nature,
the divinity that is in me and that is in others.

Great Spirit, this vessel, this body is so capable of experiencing pleasure that transcends the worlds,
takes me to another place, to another plane,
allows me to connect intimately with others, with myself and with the divine.

What a beautiful gift I have in this sexuality Great Spirit.

Universe, thank you for blessing me with this physical form that has a place to hold that sexuality,
that has a voice that gets to express itself,
for my eyes that see,
for my body that flirts and dances,
for the opportunities that well of energy gives me to express myself more fully in the world, in a more present way and in a way that is authentic for my own journey.

I thank you for this temple I live in and all of its perfect flaws and its beauty and its abilities.

How wonderful to have this body.
How wonderful to have these senses, that allow me to taste this food: today and everyday, to smell blossoms in bloom, the sweet fruits of your earth.

Universe I am so blessed to have this sexuality, to have that well within me that allows me to experience ecstasy, that allows me to express myself, that allows me to play, to laugh, to love, to have joy, even when other things fall away.
That sexuality, that essential deep part of myself that drives me each day, that keeps desire in my heart and in my body.
That desire that I wake with each day that gets me out of bed, pushes me to be more, to do more, to serve more, to experience more.

To connect more to myself, to others and to you, the divine.

What a beautiful thing desire.
What a beautiful thing that desire, that core sexual energy that allows me to say the things that need to be said, and to express the authentic core of who I am.

On this Thanksgiving day, Great Spirit I give thanks for my sexuality.
I give thanks for all that is my blessed sexuality.


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